Movie Review: Mule


Kate Risdon '19

Over Christmas break, I went to the movies with my parents and saw the new movie Mule. I can honestly say I wasn’t too excited about seeing it, just because the plot did not sound like my type of movie. But after seeing it, my opinions about the movie were completely changed. The main character, Earl Stone, is played by Clint Eastwood, and it is evident that he truly embraced this role.

In the film, Earl is depicted as an old, defeated man. He runs into trouble with money, and a younger man says he can help him out. Earl becomes a “mule”, driving items to certain locations. Initially being taken advantage of by the younger man, Earl has no idea what he is transporting. All he knows is he is making a LOT of money. Eventually he figures out that he is transporting thousands of dollars and pounds of drugs. He keeps following through with his responsibilities though to make money for his family, although it is not a honest job to have. He runs into problems and eventually gets caught. Although his morals are clearly off and what he is doing is very illegal, it is important to note that he is doing it for his family.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed the plot, but my parents didn’t love it as much. They felt as though it was very repetitive and somewhat slow. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a film in which characters face moral challenges must decide how to react to different types of people and problems.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia.