College Questions


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Abi Dannheim '19

With college quickly approaching, I decided to interview some seniors, who were getting nervous about college, to see what they were doing to handle all the stress.

I asked Kate Risdon ‘19, who plans on attending Florida State University (FSU) about how her roommate search is going and what were some troubles she had. Risdon told me that she found her roommate through a Facebook account and it turned out they had a connection through family friends. During her birthday she drove down to Palm Beach to meet her and her family. It was very exciting and Risdon has future plans for her new roommate to attend the Episcopal graduation.

I then asked Senior Laurel Monroe ‘19 , who is also planning on attending Florida State University this fall, what her thoughts and feelings are on living with a stranger. She explained to me how she’s is a little worried but is looking forward to meeting new people and growing relationships.

I then spoke with Senior Mike Hodges ‘19 if he plans on doing a sport or clubs in the fall. Hodges told me that he does plan on trying out film and television and also pursuing basketball. He explained that he is very nervous to meet new friends and is afraid that he will “appear too cool for school.”

I interviewed senior Jake Nance ‘19 who plans on attending Florida State University. I asked him if he was looking forward to freshman classes and if he is going to FSU over the summer before he attends in the fall. Nance told me he was not looking forward to the freshman classes and hopes to transfer later on his academic journey. He is not planning on doing summer but hopes to work before he heads off on his own.

Then I asked senior Connor Murphy ‘19, who plans on attending the University of Virginia in the fall, what his feelings and thoughts on finding a roommate are. He explained to me at first he thought being placed with a random roommate would be best, but now he is concerned with the idea of living with a stranger for a whole year. Connor explained how he feared the roommates personal life would interfere with his own life and be a distraction to his college experience in the dorms.

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