SAT Prep

SAT Prep

Olivia Messana '25, Staff Writer

Each year, millions of students take the SAT as part of the application process to get into colleges. These students did not all use the same method of preparation, nor the same amount of time studying. Which methods and how much time seem to be appropriate when studying for the SAT?

According to the College Board (those who write the SAT), the first thing a student should do is start studying early in order to know what to expect. The College Board recommends planning your SAT two to three months out so cramming does not occur. Studying every week rather than a week before the SAT is also useful to give yourself a confidence boost in knowing the curriculum.

Taking a full length practice test is one of the best ways to feel prepared for the SAT. According to College Board studies, taking a full-length practice test can provide insight on what you will get on the actual SAT.

Studying with others or someone who has already taken the SAT can also prove useful in studying. Some SAT preparation courses do cost money, but there are also many free courses as well. A free course that the College Board recommends is Khan Academy. Studying with a group is also effective in helping remember the curriculum. People who have already taken the SAT know exactly what to expect and can be a good resource for helping people feel more comfortable before taking the SAT.

The night before your test should be utilized as a detox to relax and get a good night’s sleep. Prepare the materials you need to bring and enjoy stress-free night before the test.

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