Stress In School


Maddy Carroll '22, Staff Writer

Just like every other school in Jacksonville (and essentially everywhere else!), Episcopal’s students have a lot of stress.

The pressure that is now surrounded by academics has the youth reaching higher rates of stress than ever before.

As a private college preparatory school, there is an added amount of stress that is added to the students’ backs.

School is not just about learning the information anymore, it’s about who can get the highest grade. The stigma around getting straight A’s is not only damaging to teens’ self-esteem but it also creates more anxiety in which in turn can make grades go down more.

As young adults, we should be able to have more time to have fun in our years of youth. Our day starts at six in the morning to around nine at night. The amount of homework given to us is proven to be the main cause of stress in school environments.

By teachers lowering the stress around homework and schoolwork, kids will be less stressed and able to handle their school work with a level minds.

Image courtesy of Pixabay.