The One Issued Shared By Every Senior


Jonah Hodo '20, Staff Writer

Right now, every senior across the nation is plagued by family and friends asking, “Where are you going to college?”. Most seniors have absolutely no clue exactly where they are going to call home next fall. Well today, I’ve got a quick tip for all the seniors stressing about college and their future. Focus on the present and just concentrate on being a senior. 

This problem is not exclusive to seniors though. Students are frequently questioned about their futurex, and what they plan to do with the rest of their lives. For example, JP Coll ‘22 stated, “I’ve been getting asked where I wanted to go to college since I was in eighth grade.”

Ultimately, it’s important to keep in mind that no matter your grade level, you will get into college. You may not necessarily know where you will be spending your four years after high school, but it will all work out. If you spend the entire senior year focusing on college, then you won’t be able to enjoy it. College will be a memorable and fun experience, but worrying about the future doesn’t do anything but ruin the present.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia.