My Experience With Wrestling


Robert Jackson '20, Staff Writer

Athletics in high school are extremely important to the development of students. They allow students to push themselves to their physical and mental limits. They also teach students how to become better people by instilling good characteristics within them.

Wrestling has been one of the most formative things in my life. Since I joined the wrestling team during my freshman year of high school, I have been constantly challenged and changed as a person through my experiences. It has helped me continually grow and develop both physically and mentally as a person throughout my high school career. 

It has also helped me hone many characteristics that I can use both inside and outside of the sport, such as self-reliance, determination and self confidence. 

I have also picked up a much healthier lifestyle because of the changes I have made to my diet and my exercise routine. This healthier lifestyle has led to a much higher quality of life.

Image courtesy of Ann Jackson.