Cam Newton Tests Positive For Covid-19

Cam Newton Tests Positive For Covid-19

The moment most have expected to come has finally arrived. Covid-19 has finally impacted the NFL and suspended games. First six players on the Tennessee Titans tested positive for Covid-19 and caused the game between them and the Steelers to be pushed back to week 7.

Now the big news is Patriots star quarterback Cam Newton has tested positive for the virus. Newton has now been quarantined away from the rest of the team and the rest of the team will undergo further testing to see if Newton has spread it to anyone.

It looks like Newton is the only one that has it, but the Patriots organization will test the players again to make sure they aren’t the reason for this season to come to an end.

Many are skeptical about whether this is just the beginning of some huge breakout and the beginning of the end for the National Football League. Americans will be devastated with the end of the season, after this tough year many have gone through. All we want is for football to be back and to stay. Will the season go on? Will the Patriots Play next week? Only time will tell.

Image courtesy of Jack Kurzenknabe.