Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins

Chey Ann Boyd '21, Staff Writer

Beware, there’s a new NFL threat in Florida and it’s not our local Jacksonville Jaguars or the Buccaneers in Tampa. It’s actually the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins currently have a 6-3 record and are 2nd in AFC East behind the Buffalo Bills.

The Dolphins have been a winning franchise with two Super Bowl wins and 23 playoff appearances, but in the past three seasons they’ve had a record of 18-30. 

In 2019, the franchise hired Brian Flores, which makes him the third black head coach in the NFL. Flores previously served many positions under the New England Patriots before he got picked up by the Dolphins. With his second year as the Dolphin’s head coach, Flores has definitely turned the franchise around after acquiring QB, Tua Tagovailoa in the first round of the 2020 draft.

According to an ESPN report, the Dolphins rank as the NFL’s sixth most-efficient team, trailing  Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Baltimore, Green Bay and Tampa Bay. This proves that the Dolphins are legitimate contenders in the league. And if head coach Flores and rookie quarterback Tagovailoa continue to exceed expectations then the Dolphins have a true shot to make it far in the playoffs and potentially win the Super Bowl.

Below are weekly stats of the Miami Dolphins this season:

Week 1 (Dolphins @ Patriots) 

Date: September 13th

Score: 11-21 

1st Downs: 20

Total Yards: 269

Total Drives: 9

Penalties: 4-35

Turnovers: 3

Week 2 (Bills @ Dolphins)

Date: September 20th

Score: 31-28 

1st Downs: 28

Total Yards: 410

Total Drives: 11

Penalties: 3-20

Turnovers: 0

Week 3 (Dolphins @ Jaguars)

Date: September 24th

Score: 31-13

1st Downs: 23

Total Yards: 294

Total Drives: 10

Penalties: 6-51

Turnovers: 0

Week 4 (Seahawks @ Dolphins)

Date: October 4th

Score: 31-23

1st Downs: 25

Total Yards: 415

Total Drives: 10

Penalties: 3-20

Turnovers: 2

Week 5 (Dolphins @ 49ers)

Date: October 11th

Score: 43-17

1st Downs: 22

Total Yards: 436

Total Drives: 12

Penalties: 7-69

Turnovers: 0

Week 6 (Jets @ Dolphins)

Date: October 18th

Score: 0-24

1st Downs: 18

Total Yards: 302

Total Drives: 14

Penalties: 5-25

Turnovers: 2

Week 7 (Rams @ Dolphins)

Date: November 1st

Score: 17-28

1st Downs: 8

Total Yards: 145

Total Drives: 14

Penalties: 3-30

Turnovers: 2

Week 8 (Dolphins @ Cardinals)

Date: November 8th

Score: 34-31

1st Downs: 24

Total Yards: 312

Total Drives: 9

Penalties: 7-75

Turnovers: 0

Week 9 (Chargers @ Dolphins)

Date: November 15th

Score: 21-29

1st Downs: 17

Total Yards: 280

Total Drives: 11

Penalties: 3-15

Turnovers: 1

Week 10 

Upcoming game against the Broncos (3-6)

Dolphins are favored to win as they try to build on their 5-game winning streak after last week’s win against the Chargers.

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