The College Application Process During Covid-19


Maddy Carroll '22, Editor-In-Chief

As the world is still battling Covid-19, everyone is having to figure out different ways to approach life. Everything having to do with the college process has been affected, and testing and tours are two of the biggest aspects that have been a struggle during this time. The College Board has come out with several statements regarding the SAT and what they are doing about it. Since the SAT is normally taken in a public setting, it has been a huge topic of discussion as to if colleges should even require the SAT at all. 

One of the things that the College Board stated was that they will no longer offer the SAT optional essay, that only some colleges require. Another issue that has brought stress among many high school students in the application process is the fact that the majority of schools are not offering tours. Many schools have resorted to doing a virtual tour online. Even though it is the safer option, many teenagers are upset that they can’t visit and see what the school really is like every day, and it makes it more difficult to see how much they really like the college they’re trying to view. Hopefully as Covid-19 becomes less impactful, we will be able to return to the normal application process for colleges, making it easier on students applying to college.

Image courtesy of Pixabay.