Faculty Spotlight: Mr. Mike Rickey

Faculty Spotlight: Mr. Mike Rickey

Kaitlyn Sweder '22, Staff Writer

I decided to interview one of the most well-rounded and well-respected veteran teachers within the Episcopal community, Mr. Mike Rickey. Mr. Rickey is a math and science teacher for sixth grade students and is involved with many different activities on campus.

How long have you been teaching here at Episcopal?

This is my 26th year at Episcopal.

What’s made your stay at Episcopal and teaching sixth grade?

I have been blessed to work with some quality teachers. The majority of the students I teach are wonderful young people and they work hard to excel in the classroom. Finally, it has given me the opportunity to coach.

How have you adapted to the recent changes over the last few years made to the sixth grade?

I am still working on adjusting to all of the changes. Over the last two years, the sixth grade has doubled in size, and so now I don’t get the opportunity to know all of the incoming sixth graders and that is difficult. I am glad that the general format has not changed. The students are now taking foreign languages and Bible, and that limits them to one semester of PE. These new classes fill a need, but it is another change.

How has the pandemic affected these new changes?

This year has been a lot easier than last year. Last year the overnight trip was cancelled, some activities were limited because of social distancing and it is strange not to recognize some of the students without their mask.

Do you feel it’s more rewarding or stress-inducing to have and teach twice as many kids compared to previous years?

The sixth grade is set up exactly like it was in the past except there are two sections. Ms. Deppe and I teach one group of sixth graders and Ms. Nunley and Mr. Rhiner teach the other section. Because of the way it is set up, we are teaching about the same numbers that we did in the past, which is 18ish in a class.

What are your thoughts on having three other teachers besides yourself to aid in the teaching process? 

I am enjoying working with the other sixth grade teachers. We are a great team. Mr Rhiner and I coordinate math and science class, Ms. Deppe and Ms. Nunley coordinate technology and language arts and we all work together to do history.

Mr. Rickey is an integral part of our sixth grade program and our Episcopal community as a whole.

Image courtesy of Kaitlyn Sweder ’22.