Mercedes AMG GT Coupe

Margaux Forsbrand '21, Staff Writer

The first idea of the Mercedes AMG GT Coupe came to life in 2014, and a beast was created.

With a 4 liter V8 twin turbo engine and 456 horsepower in the base model, this car was made to be a speed monster, as well as a luxurious vehicle.

Also, the handling on this vehicle becomes better with speed. This car only got better with time. Now, the 2020 model has much more to offer as it has greatly evolved.

The impressive interior will catch your eye at the first glance. This comes with a striking, sporty interior and console to enhance the luxury sport car design.

You have the ability to make the car your own by picking the interior color for the seats, along with trim and stitching.

Along with the beautiful interior, the AMG GT Coupe also has few comfort features, one being the padding on the seats to stay comfortable during long drives.

The abilities associated with this luxury sports car are endless.

Image courtesy of Pixabay.