Kaitlyn Sweder '22, Staff Writer

Over the past few years, thrifting has taken the world by storm. During quarantine, and due to social media, its revival has had an even bigger impact on young minds. Thrifting has been mostly popularized by teenagers and young adults who have wanted to reinvent their wardrobes and find fun vintage pieces to wear. 

TikTok is one of the main social media platforms that has revived thrifting throughout the world. People on TikTok do all kinds of things to promote thrifting and the benefits that come from it. Some of these benefits include reduced waste, low prices and support for the local community. Hauls, explanation videos and vlogs are all great examples of influencers using their platforms to show off their hobbies and cool finds from thrifting.

Some of my favorite clothes to thrift are big sweaters, jackets, shirts, etc…. Anything I can hide behind or anything feels comfortable! There are always good things to find while thrifting, and you can shop in the mens’ sections (like I do!) and/or womens’ sections to find whatever suits you.

Overall, thrifting is a very therapeutic and fun hobby to take on. Not only can you do this solo, you can also go with friends to have even more fun. Thrifting is very budget friendly, so anyone can participate and find things they want to buy. There are so many places to go thrifting, but some of my personal favorite places to thrift include City Thrift, Goodwill and Depop.

Image courtesy of Kaitlyn Sweder ’22.