Boys’ Varsity Golf

Boys Varsity Golf

Addison Nunley '23, Staff Writer

The boys’ Varsity golf team is off to a great start to the season with a record of 12-2, which has placed them 22nd in the state of Florida. Golfer John John Pajcic ‘24, said, “Our teams pretty solid this year, led by our #1.” He further said, “We work hard to contest in every match and pull out the win.” 

At the time of this article, the next match on their schedule is October 5. The Eagles will be playing Ponte Vedra. On October 6, the Eagles will take on Providence, The Eagles will compete against Bolles and Providence on October 11,, and to end their season off, they will be competing in the Regional Tournament on November 1. If you want to support the boys’ Varsity golf team, make sure to tune in online or in-person to support them for the rest of their season! Go Eagles!

Image courtesy of Pixabay.