Duke versus FSU

Addison Nunley '23, Staff Writer

An exciting game in the game of basketball came to play this week: rivals Duke and FSU played each other in a very tight game of 78 (Duke) to 79(FSU) .

Looking at the statuses of each team’s points throughout the game, Duke beat FSU in field goals, with the percentages being 49.1 Duke and 35.6 FSU.

Duke also beat FSU in three pointers with the percentages 43.5 Duke and 28.0 FSU.

Lastly, Duke also tremendously dominated FSU with turnovers with FSU only getting 5 and Duke getting 15. The only thing in the stats where FSU beat Duke was the rebounds… FSU 42 and Duke 37.

But clearly FSU did something right because they came up on top and ultimately beat Duke with once again a score of 79-78.

Image courtesy of StockSnap.