Student Business Highlight: Alivia Waters ’21


Margaux Forsbrand '21, Staff Writer

At Episcopal, we have many artistic and innovative students who have started their own small businesses. I had the opportunity to interview one of these incredible artists who designs and produces her own jewelry, Alivia Waters. 

Waters mentioned, “I had always been drawn toward bright colors in both dainty and bold jewelry, but I had a hard time finding pieces like that in stores.”

One night, she went to find something for a project in Michaels and found herself walking down the jewelry section. It started with a small pink and purple crystal bracelet she made. The post is still up on her page. She wore it to school the next day, and a few people said they would “pay good money” for something just like it. That night, she made an Instagram profile where she posted her art and began her shop!

Waters does a great job promoting her work, by selling on social media and delivering her jewelry at school. This is “very beneficial when it comes to business promotion. When others see me delivering a ring or their friends wearing it during the day, it raises a lot of questions and interest, which results in more sales!”

I was extremely interested to know Alivia’s main goal of starting her own business, considering she is currently in high school. She stated that her main goal was to create jewelry that she had always wanted. She only hoped that others would be interested in buying it. It truly has exceeded her expectations, so much so that this is a way to help her save up for college.”

It was truly impactful to listen to Waters speak on her journey of starting her business and how it has helped her in life. I hope that this inspires others to take an idea they have and make it into something they love to create.

Image courtesy of Alivia Waters ’21.