Talent Show and Pep Rally: Spring Week Highlights


Inés Eisenhour '19

Despite the enthusiastic emails sent by Student Government, Spring Week lacked its usual flair.

The Spring carnival has long been gone, but I always hope for something exciting to kick off our spring break. Unfortunately, the most exciting thing was the t-shirt design.

The pep-rally was standard: games and cheers. Spirit leaders Marco McGowan ‘19 and Samuel King were disappointed ‘19 with the lack of interest showed by their fellow seniors and spring-sport captains. The participation of the aforementioned was vital to their pep rally plans.

Ultimately, however, one event came through. Alana Gregory ‘19 vs. Kyle Hopkins ‘18 Limbo had the student body on the edge of their seats while the talented ESJ Pep Band played in the background.

Finishing off the week was the much anticipated Upper School Talent Show, with hosts Phoebe Mori ‘19 and Olin Moseley ‘19 setting the stage.

As it has in past years, the show began with a pre-recorded video done by the hosts. It featured various props and locations, demonstrating the hosts’ engagement in their positions.

Their presentation was very tongue-in-cheek, which worked well for this year’s audience, but may have thrown off the performers.

Among the my favorite performances was a guitar solo by Gabby Diaz ‘21. She nonchalantly entered the stage with a bright red electric guitar ready to shred. She surprised the audience with her cool-girl attitude and killer performance.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia.