ESJ’s Newest Addition: Grade Reports


Jonah Hodo '20, Staff Writer

On Monday, members of the Episcopal student body was shocked when they checked their phones and awaiting the majority of them were emails containing their “grade reports.” What are grade reports you might ask? This year ESJ implemented grade reports which contain the individual assignments and the current grade in a class. These grade reports are sent to students via email and contain a link to the grade report.

 In theory, grade reports are a step closer to an open grade book policy, something ESJ students have desired for some time now, but actually, teachers decide if their grade report links are always available and current. It looks as if most teachers have not opted to keep grade reports open at all times, but approximately 20 teachers are keeping their links open year-round.

When asking students their opinion on the new open grade book policy, Arabella McCart ‘20 said, “I really like how we can see our grades, but I wish it was more of an open grade book.” Most students, like Arabella, enjoy the new change, but still would love for an open grade book policy.

Image courtesy of Jewel Hardwick ’20.