Student Spotlight: Payten Cree ’27


Olivia Messana '25, Staff Writer

In our day-to-day lives as high school students, we often overlook the lives of our middle school peers. An interview with Payten Cree, an 8th grade student, reveals insight into the daily antics of our seemingly lesser-known middle school friends.

Cree supplements her daily curriculum with a plethora of exciting extracurricular activities. During Tutorial and Activities, Cree participates in FCA and Flight. Alongside her fellow Christian athletes, she worships and prays for success and strength in her athletic endeavors. She fulfills herself both spiritually and physically, as she leads her life with religion and athletics.

At a young age, Payten also has outstanding time management skills that many upper school students can only hope to emulate. She effectively utilizes her time during and after school, completing her homework for math and English.

Image courtesy of Olivia Messana.