HSW Interview With Ms. Amy Perkins

HSW Interview With Ms. Amy Perkins

Emily Thompson '23, Staff Writer

I chose to interview Ms. Amy Perkins this week because Health, Safety and Well-Being (HSW) Day sparked my interest in what is behind the scenes of school functions and activities. I asked her a few questions about the process of the planning to make sure this day is a success.

HSW Day is used for “developing out some sort of program that addresses some of the social and emotional developmental needs and how we can meet them at the school,” Ms. Perkins said. Keeping programs for this on the school calendar is very important for the students well-being and health, physically and mentally. 

Ms. Perkins, alongside administration, does an amazing job helping the school shape a student-centered community. Ms. Perkins says that the school wants to be “responsive to what our community is dealing with.” This brings the community at Episcopal School of Jacksonville closer together.

National speakers have helped make these experiences of HSW Day very inspirational to the students. Even though we dedicate a day to health, safety and well-being, it takes multiple months to prepare this day for the students. Ms. Perkins usually reaches out over summer to the speakers and people that join us to make this day possible. 

Ms. Perkins shared, “One of the hardest things about planning the day is trying to fit sixth through twelfth grade on campus in a two hour window,” which is why they moved Cathedral to the same day as Upper School’s HSW Day.

Ms. Perkins would love for feedback from students, staff or even parents about this year’s HSW Day. Let her know if there were things you loved and enjoyed that should be continued in the future, or anything you think should be changed by emailing [email protected].

Image courtesy of esj.org.