End-Of-Year Farewell


Maya McCall '20, Editor-In-Chief

To The Talon Times Staff and Our Readers, 

It has been an absolute pleasure to be your Editor-in-Chief this school year, leading a group of my incredibly creative and diligent peers. This year we have achieved so many of our goals, whether they be as individuals, or as a whole, and I am so proud. 

We launched The Talon Talks, Episcopal’s first student-led podcast, during the fall, which was a vision of mine I am so glad came to fruition. This was not an easy task by any means, but we worked through the quirks and challenges together to create a result that we are all truly proud of. We talked about anything and everything, from our Thanksgiving traditions, to social media, to college, to teacher interviews. Through our podcast, we were and are able to give listeners our high-school opinions and beliefs, and we have allowed people to relate and learn through all that we have shared. 

Our diverse group of writers allowed for a diverse group of articles each week, making it so that there was always an audience for any particular set of articles. Here are some of my favorite topics we covered this year: Pink Taxes, An Adventure: Coll And Hodo Get Pedicures, The Poet, Powderpuff: A Senior Take, The Pandemic: Global Interviews, Episcopal’s First Football Playoff Win, The Jags Off-Season To Do List and The Ubiquity Of The Automobile

To the underclassmen, I know that you both share an intense fervor for this publication, and I have no doubt that you will be great leaders to the newcomers in the fall. I cannot wait to see your new ideas and all of the things you and your staff produce next year. 

With a bittersweet and grateful heart, 

Maya McCall ‘20

Image courtesy of The Talon Times Staff.